What does blue badge mean?


People say that the IC uses “blue badges.” Or that it’s somehow cool to have a blue badge. What does this mean?

I’m a Background Investigator and I’ve never heard of this. Feds carry gold badges that say Special Agent and Contractors both full time and IC carry silver badges that say Special Investigator and the badge is the same design and other wording is the same.

Sigh. The “blue” badge has nothing to do with the background investigators and probably should not be discussed here. IC in this context does not mean “Independent Contractor.”


Just Google it. Everything is on the web. :laughing:That is true or not that’s another story. Like a Tom Clancy’s book, did it really happen as in the book? Is that a real procedure? How does Tom Clancy know that?
If they have badges In different colors must likely they have access to sensitive areas or special projects and that’s how they filtered the access. From the books I’ve read those employees go through a rigorous background check to get that access.

Again, this was not the proper forum to discuss this.

There is a lot of unclassified information on official government websites about the general subject of intelligence community badges… but I can’t find any details about the actual badges themselves. So I guess anything more than that level of info is “for official use only.”

Exactly. This is a public forum and there is no need to discuss this information here.