What happens after you turn your Eqip in?

What happens next the company says it takes two weeks after you turn it in to see if you get interim clearance. And what happens if you learn new information to put on your Eqip after you turn it in?

They will conduct a quick check to see if there are any non starters, after the FSO reviews the form for errors and missing info. If there is any doubt, you likely will not get an Interim, and then they must dig further to validate the potential negative info. That can take a long time as I am regularly seeing 12 months for Secret.

What happens if it’s denied?

@amberbunny: What do you mean by “They will conduct a quick check to see if there are any non starters , after the FSO reviews the form for errors and missing info.”?
Are you saying that they give the submitted SF a look and then if the SF doesn’t match say a criminal record, an employment record, or whatever, then this will cause doubt and denial?

I am on week #2 now for my interim clearance to be approved.

I am in a situation where I did not list 2 arrests on the SF because it did not fit the 7 year or EVER question. Are you saying that since this is not listed on the SF and they find the arrests ( both misdemeanors, non violent, non drug, alcohol) on my criminal record, I will not get the interim I need?
Another question: I did list a 1994 impaired driving since it was on the EVER portion.
The 2 misdemeanors not listed occurred in 1999 and 2001. The 2001 case was dismissed because it was a false accusation. The 1999 was a minor traffic (no tags and insurance).
How are arrests looked at? We are talking 25, 20 and 18 years ago. Nothing since. Thanks.

You give your prospective employer access to your SF86 when you complete it. They will look it over for mistakes or anything that looks like missing information. While they look it over, they look for anything that they believe is likely to cause you to be denied. Remember, they are paying to have the government run you through the clearance process and it is not in their interest to submit applications that are likely to be denied or to take two years to complete. If they need you to get an interim they will look for information that will preclude an interim approval.

They do NOT, usually, run a background check to verify information provided or to look for further information.

After they are done, they then release the form to government agency that will do your investigation. After that it’s out of your hand and theirs.

Interims are not handed out the way that they used to be. Two weeks seems exceptionally optimistic. But, if that’s what they are seeing with their applicants you’re welcome to go with that but I would be expecting a far longer wait.


@EdFarmerIII: Hi. Thanks for your reply. Yes, my prospective employer security office did look over my SF86 and took my FP and sent it on its merry way. They were unaware of the 2 arrests I mentioned above until I recently asked them how that will play out for an interim approval. The head of security at the new place, who has many years of experience, could not tell me an exact answer because it is out of her hands. But she did say that I have the age of the incidents going for me (18, 20 & 25). I am being told that it is taking around 3-5 weeks for their candidates to receive interims.
I am in week #2 of the process and as far as I know, nothing such as credit or references are being checked. I hope I was not slipped into the denial pile. I did find a phone number where I can check the progress of this process. I was asked my name, SS#, and birthday. Was told the file is being reviewed but waiting on the FP. I didn’t want to ask any more questions. So, based on everyones experience and wisdom on this site: Does age for non felon arrests play any factor in interim approvals? Thanks.

Age at the time of any incident can be a mitigating factor as can be the time that has passed since the incident. The finger prints will return your arrests. Without knowing what they are for, it certainly could derail your plans for an interim clearance but there no way to tell.

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Ed is correct. The age of the offenses and your age at the time seems to indicate they were overcome. But…they may see that cluster of negative info and decide you require a complete BI or fresh national agency check for Secret, and they CAN deny the Secret interim. As Ed said they err on the side of caution as of late and may not want to give you an interim. This doesn’t mean you would not clear with an Initial Secret submission but that can take 12 months easy, and most companies want “butts in seats,” because it means billable hours.

You most likely will be denied the interim. Misdemeanors always come back on the criminal check, regardless of year. Not sure why it isn’t a have you EVER question. While it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, they will want to do an interview with you and get your side of the story and the facts surrounding the incidents.

I’m employed pending the investigation at a ssa call center of that makes a difference

On mine it said have you ever been convicted, so I have been arrested and it was dismissed so yhere was no conviction. Is that going to be an issue?