What happens to my existing public trust with other company?

I have clearance with company A and now looking for part time with company B
now company B wants to pursue Public trust clearance

What if the company B’s clearance gets denied due to Reckless driving misdemeanor (class 1) 2 years back that I had?\will I retain my company A’s clearance or will loose that also?

please help ASAP


A reckless driving misdemeanor in and of itself will not be an issue for public trust eligibility or a security clearance. I do warn you though to be totally forthright about the charge. If it was a DUI reduced by the court to reckless driving then that is how you should list it and be prepared to provide full disclosure about the circumstances. Another thought here is this: if you currently have a security clearance then this charge should have already been reported and known, therefore not a new issue.