When should I call recruiter back

Hello college student here. First time posting here, sorry if it is too long. I applied to a three letter agency in October 2023 after they came recruiting at my college and was told if I didn’t hear back in 90 days then better luck next time. Prior to this I smoked weed maybe like a dozen times after starting it in June 2022. I stopped for 3.5 months from October to January but at the 90th day I decided to smoke again thinking at the end of January thinking that I got rejected when not shortly long afterwards I got a call back asking for an interview before getting a formal invitation to apply. I admitted to the weed and he said rules are rules and that I should call him back 90 days after the fact. I haven’t smoked weed yet but I have contributed money to help my friend buy weed as well as used a fake ID to attend a club/bar since I called him. Prior to applying, I used the fake ID about 4 times in total, twice to buy weed from a dispensary and twice to buy alcohol. I’m not trying to make any excuses and I’m wondering if I should wait extra before calling or what I should tell the recruiter when I’m scheduled to call him in less than a month. Thanks!

Quit doing things that are going to look bad on a polygraph (and it WILL come out or you’ll just fail it completely). Three letter fed agencies don’t like the kind of stuff you’ve admitted to here. Trust me, I just retired from one of those 3 letter agencies and was on hiring panels at one point. I know someone who is going through a 3 letter academy right now and am somewhat familiar with the hiring standards for the feds right now.

Good luck to you though, maybe it’ll work out still!