Who does a civilian speak with?

Who do I, as a civilian without any clearance or government employment, talk to about a clearance holders illegal activity?

The cops, the FBI, or the agency’s OIG. Who else would you call?

You’ll have to forgive my ignorance but how do I find out what OIG oversees Edwards AFB?

Probs DoD IG or branch IG…

Military Police, Security Forces, a Commander, Air Force OSI, Base Legal, Information Protection Office or Chief, Information Protection. Base Security Manager. Any can help or guide you.

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Go to the main gate at Edwards and tell Security Forces you need to speak with OSI, or the Chief, Information Protection about a Security incident ASAP… or call

Why would you specifically seek out someone’s security clearance to report illegal activity?

You report illegal activity to the police.

You are obviously not a coworker but you know the person holds a clearance. Leaves me to think you are an ex-spouse or soon to be ex-spouse. Feels like you are more concerned in getting the person fired than actually reporting illegal behavior. Hopefully I am wrong and your motivations are true.


Thank you to all. I know what to do know.

See response below. I appreciate your point of view. I do see how the question leads one to wonder. I should have been clearer to begin with.

I wanted to offer a victim and friend some way to take back control of his life. I am in no way related to or was I ever in a relationship with this person. I’m aware of security clearances because of the victim in the matter having a long relationship with this person. A boastful and violent braggart shouldn’t be privy to any clearance but I’m sure he manipulated his way in somehow.
I’m going to say no more. For all I know docsunday over there may be the person in question.
Now that everyone is aware of my source and limited knowledge, I’ll again say thank you to all and allow the victim to make the final decision. After all, it’s all going to come out soon enough anyway.

Docsunday… Is it? The local police were already notified leading to an arrest but the question I asked was regarding government officials because I’m fully aware this dirtbag hasn’t self reported. I suspected something akin to a “blue line of silence” once I was onsite but it seems there’s resistance even here. Shameful.

Please don’t abuse the system. Because others do not see things your way or act fast enough for you does not mean there is a code of silence.

Take care.

See something say something and let the professionals sort it out. If this person violated one of the 13 adjudicative guidelines, it should be reported regardless of anyone’s motives. For anyone to suggest that they mind their own business is kind of violating their own code of conduct in relation to national security. There is more than an obligation to self report. See something say something.

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I would normally agree but when the poster says, “a boastful and violent braggart shouldn’t be privy to any clearance,” really rings of someone who is more concerned at disrupting the clearance holder’s life than a true concern for national security.

But who knows can only base my assumption on the very limited information provided.