Reporting a Senior Manager whose using drugs

Should your report a person who has a security clearance and is using drugs

Are you a clearance holder? If so, you may have a responsibility to report this. If not, I’m sure that someone here can help you find out who to report it to. It seems that the CEO of the company doesn’t care so that kind of leaves out reporting to the company. Although the FSO of the company would be a good place to start.

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As a citizen, I think you have a moral obligation to report it since he could adversely affect national security (Sure, that is an extreme statement, and likely not the case in this situation, but it drives home the point). Since you’re posting here on this blog, and you have dealings with said company, I’m guessing you have a clearance. Report it to your FSO. They’ll take it from there.

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Talk to their security office.

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Stay out of it. Trust me when I tell you it’s career suicide. Also, what proof do you have? Just your word? Lol, good luck if that’s the case.

You claim to have witnessed illegal drug activity - Did you contact the police while this crime was afoot?

Do you see where this can go? Consider the circumstances and the probative value of the evidence you are considering exposing.

My advice - get better evidence than he said she said before you accuse someone of a crime and attempt to destroy their life…

This should be a great place to start. Dave is incorrect assuming you also have a clearance because you deal with people who have clearances Executive Order 12968 states you must report any derogatory information.

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My guess is, since this person is part owner, they FSO would try and cover and not take it any further. Do you know if there is a formal form to let the FSO know. Also, what if they FSO does nothing and sweeps it under the rug?

@smile - First, the people who post on this forum post their opinions. My opinion is made very clearly in my original post - that being that if your only evidence against someone is your testimony absent any other supporting evidence your case is weak. Second, prove that what the op saw was “derogatory information”, specifically, prove that what this person had was in fact a “bag of drugs” - he can’t. And lastly, I’m not incorrect. I never assumed that the op has a clearance. I simply suggested that he/she have better evidence before attempting to destroy someone. Get your facts straight @smile.

@smile . . . It’s not up to you to prove the case. Your report SHOULD result in an investigation that develops its own evidence and THAT is where the burden of proof will come in.

Reporting through proper channels shouldn’t damage your career. In fact, it should be the last part that you play in the entire event.

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Is my email address made public on your website, or is it just between us?

Thanks for your response. I am a clearance holder. Unfortunately the FSO for the company of the COO will cover for him. Is there a government agency I can contact?

Give the information to the Defense Security Service responsible for where the company is located:

They have an Industrial Security Specialist assigned to each company that has a classified government contract and they will determine the best course of action.


MArko is on it. Sometimes referred to as the COSR. Contracting Officer Security Representative. They in turn liaison with the CSO (FSO) “Contract Security Officer.” I have seen this situation. If the COSR reaches out to the CSO/FSO, they may simply request a new SF86. It gives the person the opportunity to tell the truth, withdraw from cleared position, or lie. If they can develop more evidence, they adjudicate it along with the complaint. Why? Because there is a distinct blackmail risk. If somebody gets him in a compromising position how far would he go to keep his job? The fact the CEO is talking…tells me this is open knowledge and perhaps he feels his hands are tied. Affairs alone are blackmail bait, and likely prohibited by HR policy. That doesn’t stop them, but it gives grounds for termination once revealed. Again, blackmail bait. Derogatory information MUST be reported. Period. If you know and don’t say anything…you could end up holding the bag as you did not do the right thing. Does this mean every spurious rumor must be investigated? No. But an independent inquiry from DSS or the COSR where people have confidentiality…and end cleared contracts costing a lot of money…should be looked into.

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