Drug use while holding a TS/SCI

My ex girlfriend who I kicked to the curb reported me to the IG and my company for smoking weed while holding the clearance. The thing is, she told the truth. I had her send me drugs in Iraq which I consumed, and I smoked everyday when I was home from deployment. My company likes me and I have always been a stellar worker. She has no evidence other than her word against mine. What are the odds I don’t lose my DoD job and get to rub that in her face?

A “stellar” worker does not lie, smuggle drugs into a foreign country on deployment, smoke illegal substances in a position of national security, and fail to report a reportable issue, not to mention a possible felony with drugs passing international borders. I hope your clearance gets pulled, you get dishonorably discharged, and see the inside of a court room. You’re a disgrace and certainly not who I want to represent my country or have access to classified information. You’re a security risk.
Love truly, an honest background investigator


Doesn’t matter how good of a worker or how well liked you are at work. All drug use while holding any kind of security clearance or serving in the military is always a huge no-no. And that’s before we even get to the other stuff you did.


I’m a DoD contractor, which is why I’m pretty sure I can beat this. I self reported after she told my boss she reported it to OSI and the IG.

Self reporting AFTER you’re told on isn’t really self reporting plus there are time frames for self reporting. I stand behind my original post.


(snide comments withheld for the good of the community)

I don’t think you guys get how DoD contracting works. I’m heading back to work soon.

I am a contract employee for the DoD as are many background investigators. There are self reporting requirements and time frames (meaning before you are told on) and there are things that will definitely make you get your clearance revoked and be debarred from government employment. You honey are the one who sounds like you don’t understand how DoD contracting works. I am drug free, felony free, and have nothing in my background that can be used against me for blackmail - you need to get your life straight and definitely have some maturing to do.

And I think you may be learning about how unemployment compensation works. Real soon.

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All I’m saying is my company is helping me to keep my job. I shouldn’t have to lose my clearance because my ex is mad I kicked her and her daughter to the curb.

My clearance hasn’t been revoked, but I did smoke weed and ask her to send me drugs. I did take Adderall without prescription; however, there really is no hard evidence. The IG handed the investigation back to my company.

I don’t think my company wants a scandal, and there is no hard evidence except her word against mine. How long do these investigations take? I’m heading back to work so, like I said. We cleaned up everything so there really is nothing left to be investigated. She just looks like a jilted ex. My boss even came out to help me get rid of her stuff, lol.

Everything you state in this thread is an example of how someone with a clearance should NOT behave. What are you going to do when an investigator reaches out to you? Try to lie your way out of it? I have news for you, and adjudicator will take your exs testimony seriously.

Its not necessarily the drug issues, but your willingness to lie and be deceitful. You are the prime example of someone who should not be cleared. You are a complete and utter security risk. Stand up, be honest, and take responsibility for your actions.

And your boss liking you doesnt matter. Im sure they like their clearance and job more.


I suspect that Shadowjerker is jerking our chains.

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Maybe, maybe not. I have uncovered similar and worse during investigations before that Subject had not yet been caught for.

except for your self report after the fact… That doesn’t just go away.

They can’t. This is up to the DCSA. Unless your boss didn’t report it to your FSO, or your FSO didn’t take steps after that. Which, if that’s the case, this will be fun to read about in the future once it’s out in the open, which is inevitable since your company is obviouslly full of morons…