Will active DIA investigation stop CIA to CIA crossover

Hello. I am a contractor and have an in-scope TS from CIA, but I’ve been offered a contractor job with DIA. For whatever reason, DIA can’t (or won’t) request access to my SCI determination in Scattered Castles. DIA has asked me to complete a new SF-86 and schedule a CI poly so they can make their own SCI determination.

According to the FSO, DIA isn’t initiating a new BI, but rather just need the SF86 and poly to make their own decision regarding SCI. If I move forward with the SCI determination process with DIA, would that hold up a clearance crossover if I were offered another job during the investigation period? I am worried that if I decide to move to another CIA position while DIA is doing there thing, will that block my ability to crossover to a new CIA contract?

From what i understand, you can only have 1 investigation open at a time. Not sure what that mean with regard to adjudication though. DIA are taking forever to crossover these days btw.

In an attempt to clarify, I have a current TS/SCI issued by CIA, but they haven’t provided an SCI eligibility in JPAS, so DIA is going to make their own determination of eligibility.

My question is, if DIA’s determination winds up taking months, and I decide to take another job within the CIA, will I still be able to crossover to a different contract within the CIA while DIA is working on their SCI determination process. In other words, is my clearance “stuck” while DIA does their thing?

Here’s my two cents, and that’s about all its worth: I don’t think the DIA action will affect your ability to get picked up by another CIA contractor, as CIA is outside DoD. Now, if you try to get picked up on a DoD contract, that could be another story.

Thanks @sbusquirrel squirrel—that is basically what DIA is telling me, but a close friend of mine (who also works in the IC) seems to think differently.