DIA crossover and NSA suitabilty

Hey All, how are you?

I have a somewhat confusing/convoluted question of sorts.

I have a TS/SCI and from an SSBI done in 2013 so i am still under my 6yr time-frame.

I have been working on an Army contract most recently but just accepted “transfer” to a job at CYBERCOM at Ft. Meade. I say “transfer” because I actually had to leave my contract to accept this job because the Army position was a deployed one and i would have just been taking up a billit.

Anyway, the job at Cyber is actually a DIA position but since it is an NSA facility, i need “NSA Suitability”. I have an NSA poly but it was never adjudicated since i took another position but it is still in JPAS.

I was told that i just need DIA to process my clearance (crossover i guess) and can then start at a DIA facility until NSA clears me. I do not need a FS for this position and all i need from NSA is access to location.

Also, DIA is going to run my PR since i am due but i was told that i should still be able to start with my current investigation. I am starting to worry, because my current clearance is up in August and like is said , i am actually not working at a customer regardless of this “transfer” phrasing by my company.

I have had a TS/SCI since 2004 with various agencies and no security issues.

My questions are : Do these processes like mine usually take more than 3 months to process.

                           Is it correct that i can still start with my old clearance (SSBI) or do i have to                      wait on the new PR to complete?

                          What happens if i still have not started and my current clearance goes "out of scope" as i'm being process?

This process for CYBERCOM has been the most complicated i’ve been thru.

Thanks in advance…

I honestly don’t have answer for your question as I’m new to this entire process. But reading the hoops you appear to have to jump through… are pain inducing to say the least.

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Likely Cyber requests the crossover. Once it crosses over, they themselves determine if you can be read in granting NSA suitability. Essentially if you have a clean record and no other items disqualifying you in the normal list of disqualifying items such as foreign born or foreign spouse (that limits many SCI), you should be okay. Each specific agency still maintains their own Scattered (wait for it) Castle. So each has their own drawbridge, moat and tower guard. Most crossovers can happen in as little as 24 hours to 72 hours for contractors.

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Hey Amber, Thanks.

It’s really taking much longer than i thought, 3 months now.

Do i need to be worried about going out of scope with my current SSBI from 2013 if i am already being processed? I haven’t heard from a BI on my PR yet, by DIA has requested one.

Thanks in advance.

Under the old rules, as long as you got your SF-86/eQIP before the five-year mark, you were good to go. I assume that also applies with the six-year rule.

So this is for a contractor position at CYBERCOM in NSA facilities but actually working under contract to DIA? Sounds like a mess. Hopefully they have work for you (or at least a place to work) while NSA makes up its mind which typically takes forever.

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Yeah, it’s for a DIA position supporting CYBER. It’s kinda a new thing i guess.


When your eligibility is “owned” by on of the IC and you sit in another IC seat…it gets muddy. I’ve said it before, I will say it again…none of the IC trusts the other IC community and they all have differing standards, insisting only they get it right and all others make foolish decisions. Reciprocity amongst themselves is never really fully recognized. Endless bureaucracy. As long as you are sitting in an active seat…you should be fine. If you were to voluntarily or otherwise leave a cleared position when you are out of scope…once debriefed, you are out of luck. Normally the only way back into the game is as an initial which means slow boat to China.


That’s what im worried about since i qm actually not at any seat yet.
I’ve accepted the job offer and done my new sf86 and my company has “ownership” of the clearance. Does that still count as being in a seat? Also, it was dia who requested the new PR so im sure they have me in some process.

I contacted some people who know some people who may or may not work at CYBERCOM :wink: some contractors get cleared to walk in the building months before they are cleared (approved, authorized, blessed) to get a logon! What I was not able to nail down was whether these are DIA contractors as there is apparently quite a mix… but they all depend on the final say-so from someone at Big Daddy.


Who knows maybe by all of “us” working together nice in the sandbox…creating cross community connections…maybe we can teach the big kids it is better to make reciprocity work better.

By accepting the job offer, your company sponsors the clearance for the seat in support of that customer. So technically you are the intended fill for the seat. Strange things have happened where you may be deemed not eligible by some wonky DIA rule regarding read in. In that case the job offer can be rescinded, or if they like what your resume brings to the table, they offer you another seat elsewhere.

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So I heard back today and was told that my Crossover is in “Awaiting Information from another agency” status.

Any idea how much longer that should take from there and what exactly that could mean?

Seems like a generic phrase.

It is generic, and they are waiting for the other agency to verify you held their clearance. Don’t hold your breath. If your current desired agency isn’t pushing it…they sit and grow mold.

Thanks. I figured the samething.

They told me that maybe its taking longer because i had a suspension for month in 2013 until i had a civil case adjudicated in my favor. I had a PR since and new TS and other jobs so im not sure why they would be checking with that agency on an old suspension that was resolved.

They said even if i apply to other agencies jobs, it would still take just as long but it didnt take this long on my last job.

Do you have any advice or idea on what im truly looking at? To be honest, i dont think some of these SSO push back much or even ask questions to agency security because they dont want to “rock the boat”. It wasnt like this years ago.