Will traveling to Iraqi Kurdistan for NGO work affect secret clearance?

I am wanting to travel to Erbil, Iraq for NGO volunteer work for a week. I have reported the travel with my full itinerary to my security manager. They responded with the recommendation to enroll with the Smart Traveler Program, which I have, and also stated they cannot guarantee that there will not be an adverse action taken against your clearance. However, that is strictly a USG decision. Surely there is someone or some agency that can be contacted to verify for certain before travel that it will or will not result in adverse action against my clearance.

Cant say what will happen but sometimes in cases like this they will want a US person as a reference to verify you were there for the dates you said you were there. See if you can get contact info for someone who can provide confirmation… but maybe a good idea not to mention a security clearance or anything like that.