Will traveling to Armenia hurt my future Security Clearance

Hi guys.

I want to join the military this coming year and I am going to need a secret clearance. My dad lives in Armenia (he is a dual citizen) and I wanted to visit him. However, Armenia had a conflict/war with Azerbaijan which just recently got brokered by Russia, so currently there is no fighting. I just wanted to ask if traveling to Armenia will be a red flag or even disqualify me from a secret clearance (note: I was born in America and am only a U.S. citizen and do not have a dual citizenship)

Your foreign travel and foreign contacts will get closer scrutiny but should not be a show stopper.

Make sure you fill out the SF86 correctly, be mindful of the foreign questions, don’t shortcut and be honest.

Also, don’t let your recruiter fill out your SF-86 for you.


Traveling to Armenia won’t be an issue. Foreign contacts who live overseas may attract some attention. Not necessarily a disqualifier but may result in longer processing time.

Keep track of dates, places, names, addresses, and how much Ararat cognac you buy :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone for the reply. I really appreciate it guys

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