What are my chances with foreign contacts?

Hey everyone, I will be filling out my SF86 soon and will be going through a background check for a secret soon, so I want to ask you guys a couple of questions regarding my chances of getting a clearance.

  • I was born in India and was there until 2012, so I do keep in touch with 1-2 friends from India
  • My wife is an Indian citizen, and currently in Canada for her study, I have started her paperwork for her to come to the US, she will get her green.
  • My wife’s parents and her sister is still in India
  • I had some property in India until last year, ended up transferring it to my mom’s name.
  • I am a derived citizen, which means I do not have a naturalization certificate, just a US passport, do I need a certificate?

I want to know what are my chances of getting a secret level clearance