Naturalized citizen and security clearance

I am a naturalized US citizen born in Ukraine, in the US since 2007, citizen since 2012 (applied as soon as became eligible). My parents and my brother live in Ukraine. They are not affiliated with any government or military organization and they are not living in the conflict region. I do not have any financial interest back in Ukraine, nor do I send/receive any financial help. I do call them on average once a month. I’ve never had issues with the law, never had financial problems, never did drugs or had mental issues.

I submitted my SF86 in the beginning of June. I did not get my interim clearance. I had an interview with OPM agent in the middle of July. During the interview we clarified the information on my SF86 and I stressed that my parents are not affiliated with any government organizations. I also showed the agent that my Ukrainian passport is destroyed and I informed the agent that Ukraine does not allow dual citizenship so I renounced my Ukrainian citizenship when I took an oath and became US citizen.

My husband is US citizen and he holds a secret clearance. He had to list my parents and my brother on his paperwork. He didn’t have issues with them being foreigners. They never even asked him about them during his interview.

It has been over five weeks since the interview and 10 weeks since my e-QIP was submitted. Should I be worried? Can the situation in Ukraine be a concern?

I called the security officer a couple of times during this period and they called DoD and the only answer they could give me is that “it’s still processing”.

Thank you in advance

The timeline for the investigation runs 4-10 weeks and then 3 weeks after the agency gets it to review and adjudicate. With the current backlog created by pulling work form one of the contractor investigation agencies there may be some additional delays, so nothing to worry about.