My timeline is:
8/21/2019 : granted interim secret clearance
8/21/2019: investigation open
i am foreign born, married with non us citizen, been in us for 8 years.
According to this websites:

The processing for clearance is very fast at this time, about 181 days for secret clearance.
My waiting time is about 5 months now, does anyone know how long it take to get final clearance?
Thank you

You must be new here :). No one is going to give you the number. You are going to get a lot of “depends”.

It’s not that no one WANTS to give you a number . . . there is no number. Every case is unique and yours has a few things that are going to slow it down. You’re foreign born? Your wife is not a citizen? If you’ve only been here for eight years, I’m sure you have foreign contacts that need to be vetted? What foreign ties do you still have?

You could be in for a long wait. As I usually recommend, get on with your life. Don’t just sit around waiting for the government to finish your investigation. Live . . .

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