Jan. 2024 secret clearance average processing time

I am trying to find out the most updated average processing time for a secret clearance. Is it still 3 ~ 4 months? How about the interim clearance now?

I found the following information from Internet. It is confusing, and I don’t feel it is correct:
Below are approximate timelines for the clearance process:

  • 1-2 months for a new Secret (interim) clearance (confusing: is 1~2months for the interim or final clearance?)
  • 6-8 months for a new Top Secret (TS) clearance
  • 8-15 months for a new Top Secret clearance with access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI)

Trusted Workforce 2.0 | Performance.gov

Q1 was just posted. Are you referring to this?

Performance.gov states TS is estimated 127 days for yr24 Q1. I also do not believe that number is accurate either. I submitted 86 in early Sept and so far, my packet has not made it to adjudication as yet and still waiting.

No. It has 189 days for the fastest 90% clearances.

The graph of 90 fastest showing 189 days is for 2023 correct?

I was looking at 2 graphs below, which showed 127 for Q1 2024.

The latest data the the 2024Q1 report is for 2023Q4.

You’re looking at Q1 2023

I believe you’re looking at Q1 of FY23, which is the 127 days. as of Q4 it was reportedly taking 189 days. If you’ll look at the bottom of that graph, it says, "as of 12/13/23.

I subbmitted my SF86, Aug 28th, 2023, for TS/SCI.
Had my interview: Nov. 8th, 2023
Interviewer said he would submitt packet by 17 Nov. 2023
I’m at 158 Calendar days and haven’t heard anything since.

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@TyWolf ok thanks. We are basically in the same boat then. Hopefully we hear something soon.

Currently at 136 business days- been in adjudication for 31 waiting on TS/SCI.

The CR and holiday season isn’t helping any of us waiting.

T3 and I’m over 300 calendar days.