DoD NSA Suitability Process

Hello guys,

I’m holding 2 citizenships. Will it be the reason leading to my security clearance taking longer or even denial?

Except holding 2 citizenships, I could say my background history is perfect. (No drug using or selling, no ticket traffic, no debt, credit score > 800)

It is likely that it will take longer.
Some questions what will need to be answered are how you acquired your other citizenship, when, why, what country, if you have any foreign contacts, family, assets, travel…

There are many tales on here (and on the late lamented Federal Soup forums) of NSA applicants with foreign ties taking a really long time to process… like three years.

Could it lead to a denial? Certainly, but I’d say that depends on how close your ties are, where those close ties lead to, and how completely you disclosed all the details.

Actually I’m an immigrant.
I acquired U.S citizenship last year.
I’m not an U.S citizenship by birth and acquired another citizenship

Your situation will definitely require more scrutiny as you would expect.

It might also depend on how long you’ve been in the US, your local and foreign ties…

Say you just came to the US last year, married a US citizen, and then applied for a cleared position, i’d say forget it…
Compare that to someone that had been in the US for 10+ years with a green card, makes a living for themselves, and then acquired the citizenship, it may paint a different story.

I would highly suggest you look into SEAD-4 - National Security Adjudicative Guidelines.

I’ve known a few people in similar situations who got cleared… maybe they had been married a little longer than one year but they did get cleared. Eventually :roll_eyes:

I’ve been in the US since 2017.
I started community college then transfer to 4 years university, and completed a Bachelor’s degree in 2022.
I also acquired the U.S citizenship in June 2022.
I’m not sure if my case can take longer a year to complete a security clearance or not. If it takes more than a year then I’ll try to apply to another company.

Where I work, we were told we are NOT allowed to carry dual citizenships or our clearances would be revoked. That could just be for the agency I work at but at least does indicate they do scrutinize that.

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Looks like you might have good chances from what you’ve shared so far.
And you can always work for another company while you await for your clearance to come through.

I am a dual citizen, and a naturalized US citizen. I got my Clearance with No problem. You need to show truthful evidence that you do not have ties with the other country that you hold the citizenship of. For example, the last time I travelled to my birth country was 7 years ago and that was due to my father’s funeral. I only stayed there for 18 days. I also made sure to let the investigator know that I have no intention of returning back there. Again, make sure you are truthful and have strong evidence.

In the last 5 years, I was back to my birth country 2 times, and each time took around 4 weeks.
The only reason that I visit my country is to travel and enjoy the food there. To be honest, I also plan to visit my birth country a few times in the future for that reason too. Although I don’t have the intention of returning back to live there, do you think traveling is the reason that affects my clearance?

I would say talk to a security clearance lawyer. Every case is different. The key is to be truthful and disclose things truthfully.