NSA Post CJO Question

Please investigators your insight is appreciated
People with similar situations feel free to jump in too


Clearance level: Top Secret

I had my CJO and security form accepted 10 months ago with NSA. Nothing since then.

I am a naturalized citizen.
No misconduct, drugs, or criminal record.
Grew up overseas, most family overseas.
Few foreign travels since being in the US.

None of my references have been contacted yet

When will I get interviews and poly?
Does this silence mean I am forgotten or I’m pushed aside?
How long does it usually take for NSA to hire dual citizens?

Is it ok to move while going through this process?
If I move to another state, will they pay for my plane ticket if they call me up for an interview?

Thank you for your help.

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My background is very similar to yours and I got the subject interview around two months after the CJO, and then the poly/medical two months after that. Not hearing anything for 10 months is quite unusual and you should reach out to them for a status update.

Also, I would recommend you look into renouncing your other citizenship. I would say hold off until they mention something about it, as renouncing it during the process might look suspicious and cause other problems. I’ve seen people on this blog say that having dual citizenship is not a problem, but I know for a fact that being a dual citizen immediately disqualifies you from many SAPs and IC agencies will just opt for a suitability rejection instead.

Moving to another state is no problem. They will contact you beforehand to book flights, and you can let them know your new address. They’ll purchase plane tickets for you, and then give you hotel reimbursement at a per diem rate.


Having foreign contacts, foreign family members, a foreign spouse or cohab is most likely the biggest issue for your situation.

1-3 yrs in adjudication isn’t unusual for such a situation.