Over three full years since CJO with intelligence community... anything at all that I can do to expedite the process?

I knew when I started going through the process that it wasn’t short, but good lord this is much longer than i ever though it would be. I got my CJO in June of 2018 for an IC agency role. I had my poly and BI done prior to the pandemic, and most recently have been called back in for an in-person security interview to go over problems with my polygraph. This was something like 2 years after taking the actual polygraph too, and more radio silence since.

At this point, taking the salary that’s on my CJO would literally be cutting my income in half. And i’m still more than willing to do it, but my god is it frustrating. I’m trying to avoid calling my HR point of contact incessantly but I’m seriously at a loss about what to do from here. At this point i realize this is just a venting post, but is there anything that you guys would recommend doing to try and expedite this process?

I’m afraid there’s really nothing you can do to expedite the process. Now, if you had a poly, and then a security interview, then I think at some point you need to go back for another poly, since the one you took is several years old now.

Three years is certainly longer than average but not unheard of. When you get the final job offer you can ask to re-negotiate the offer… some have reported success with this.