Timeline after cleared

Has anyone here been waiting awhile from being cleared to getting FJO. I’m just wondering what kind of timeline I am looking at. It is for an IC agency. Was just told by recruiter recently I was cleared but they had to get some other stuff done before extending FJO which includes verifying that the position is still open.

@velcroTech I saw in other forum that you are cleared. Have you received FJO yet? If so, did it take awhile from when you were notified of being cleared?

I may be a bit different. I have been cleared for over 20 years in DoD. I received notice that my positions were ready to accept me within 4 weeks after completing the poly. I am still in negotiations for the FJO.

I applied for interim security clearance in April 2015 and investigation completed on August 2016. As I was saying waiting for adjudication, the agency withdrew its tentative job offer on April 2018, and the security process stopped. From this experience, it seems all interim security clearance process may not be same. It’s seems everyone agencies have not same process.

I’ve been busy but I got my FJO this week and am trying to negotiate the salary. I obtained a master’s degree and the FJO is about $8000 more than my CJO. Does this seem right or should I be asking for more? I don’t really have any more work experience since my job duties are different than what I am going into.

Basically I am getting $8000 bump in salary and ma wondering if that is normal for just a degree.


No idea, but wanted to stop in and say congrats!!

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@hawk911… congratulations!!!

Thanks, hopefully things start moving along for the rest of you. It’s going to end up being almost exactly 2 years from SF86 submittal to EOD. Don’t give up even though it looks like nothing is happening.


@hawk911, 2 years seems extremely excessive… and frustrating to think about.

@hawk911, just wondering did your EOD come and go yet?