Worked at a strip club

Welp there it is , worked at a strip club for a bit… did not do anything wrong or stupid ,

Will this be a deal breaker ? From top secret down to public trust .

Well . . . What did you DO at the strip club? If everything is above board it shouldn’t present a problem but there might be a difference between having been a bartender and having been a dancer.

Not necessarily a problem as Ed said. I have had to verify more than 1 strip club employment in my career. I assume they got their clearances, but don’t actually know. Adjudicators might look at how long ago the employment was, but the strip club employment in and of itself is not necessarily an issue (given everything was above board).

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The only problem I normally have verifying strip club employments deals with the “managers” aversion to anyone in a suit with a shield, the fact these employments are almost always developed (i.e. not reported on the SCA), and also that the employment is actually 1099 “self-employment”.

I have been lucky so far that these clubs tend to hire former military who can vouch that I am not a local policemen on a mission.