Would getting therapy negatively affect investigation?

I’m being investigated for a security violation connected with improper disposal of a classified document. No classified info was compromised. My question is: If I went to get psychological therapy for the trauma and anxiety that I’ve suffered so far due to DoD responses and punitive treatment to me because of this issue, would that negatively affect the ongoing investigation? If so, any suggestions on home treatments for trauma and anxiety? Thanks.

Counseling for mental and emotional health related concerns is not discouraged.

According to the Department of Defense:

Mental Health Treatment is a Sign of Strength.

The Department of Defense changed its position because it wants military service members and government contractors to receive help if they need it.

Speaking up about issues like depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems can be a sign of good judgment, which is precisely what the government is looking for in a security clearance holder.

As far as home remedies are concerned, I would just try to learn from your mistake, be humble and teachable about it, not allow it to occur again, and don’t lose any sleep. Go for a walk and get some exercise and find some deeper meaning in your life than your job. Don’t beat yourself up and you’ll be fine.