Starting therapy while clearance is processing

So, my secret clearance is still processing (I have obtained an interim secret in the meantime). I was considering starting psychotherapy to deal with a few previously latent (and also undiagnosed) issues that have started to flare up (primarily due to me moving out to a completely new place with relatively little emotional support).

My question is, will starting therapy now cause a disruption in the timeline? Or might it just be better to hang on until my full clearance comes through in the meantime. None of my issues are bad enough to warrant immediate action (i.e. it’s mainly mild depression/anxiety); it’s just that I’d rather deal with them sooner rather than later.

I don’t see it being an issue. They specifically want to know if you have been court-ordered to seek counseling, if you’ve been hospitalized for a mental health condition or if you have been declared mentally incompetent… They also want to know if your mental health condition will “substantially adversely affect your judgement, reliability, or trustworthiness” at any time while holding a clearance. If it does not fall in those categories, you don’t need to mention it.