Writing to Member of Congress (after two years in "security processing")

A quick re-check, I am still in “security processing” almost two years after submitting my SF86 forms (no poly, psych, in-person interview) and am wondering if writing to a member of the congress (my rep in Congress) will help speed the background investigation? Did it help anyone on this platform? Any recommendation is highly appreciated.

Do you still have the job? Only asking because they may have had you fill it out and had a more qualified person come along.

I had the CJO which I had signed and submitted 2 years ago. It hasn’t been “retracted yet”. Is that what you meant to ask?

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Anyone having any hint?

What have you got to lose? Its not going to delay the process. The worst that they can tell you is you are ‘still processing’. Go for it.


I personally did this after about 6 months waiting for a Secret clearance. I was unemployed and needed the clearance/job to stay above water financially. If I had been employed while waiting or wasn’t otherwise desperate, I wouldn’t have done it so ‘soon’. That being said, it does appear to get quick results. After no movement other than the credit check, within 2 weeks of contacting my Senator’s office, I had a meeting with an investigator and a clearance 2 weeks after that.

In your case, it seems that your investigation or may have gotten lost in the cracks and need a Congressperson’s office’s inquiry to get it back on track.

Recommendation: If you live in a US State (non-territory/district), you should have 3 people representing you. Research/call their offices until you find someone who is familiar with this process. I found that one of my Senator’s offices was very familiar with this, while the other Senator and the Rep’s office were scratching their heads.