Can writing a letter to your rep or senator make your FSO/employer pissed if they find out?

Would it be easy for them to find out? I’m coming up on 300 days here since my SF86 was approved without any mistakes in it. Done the poly and interview. Was thinking about sending a letter in to my senator. When I contacted my FSO about 4 months ago she said I wasn’t in adjudication yet and that she would let me know if I was. In early June my investigator asked for some additional info that I gave. It’s been 2 months since then and it’s been nothing but silence. Funny considering the “90 day” end to end average for a TS. I don’t wanna get a senator’s office involved, but I’d also like to speed up the process if I can. Just wanted some opinions. Thanks.

90 days? How about close to 2 years?


If they want you bad enough, they will pay to get your clearance finished quickly. If not, you are just another number waiting in line.

Expedited work doesn’t always get things adjudicated quicker. There are too many individual factors to guarantee anything. The US government funds the bill for every clearance…not the contractors.
It’s your right to ask your representative to work for you. They are supposed to be serving you. You might have more luck with your House of Rep member than your Senator.
There are never any guarantees on repercussions from anything. The current political climate is clear evidence of that.

YES! I had an ongoing dispute with my FSO that I could not resolve any other way. I told the security manager I would contact my Congresswoman for help if he didn’t respond. Fifteen minutes later I was accused of a security violation I didn’t commit. The FSO revoked my access to classified work, and flagged my clearance by reporting the fake violation to JPAS. I am now unemployed.

Never make the mistake of believing the system is fair. Corrupt Security managers can and WILL retaliate and destroy your career. If it is in the best interest of the government, they can and WILL look the other way. I have spent years of my life fighting to establish the truth. You don’t want to experience the hell I’m going through. Be careful!

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This is like the 3rd version of your “story”. Before you said you filled a whistle blower complaint and that led, through falsifying time sheets, to your termination when they named you.

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You would need the support of the hiring agency to expedite the clearance process.

Expedition is expensive and must be paid for by the hiring agency.

When a job is a hot fill, it usually takes paying extra to expedite, along with hiring officials making weekly calls to adjudication for updates to get the clearance done in 90 days. That is a ton of coordinated effort to fill a specific need but the key to success is the effort coming from in-house where the clearance is needed.

Unless you are going to be working for Congress there is no point in contacting a representative. They would have no reason to get involved spending time and manpower to look into the situation that is considered normal for a standard clearance process.

One other point to consider- the extra effort and funding mentioned above is most likely invested into a person known to have a clear, issue free background. There’s no point to expedite a case with issues.

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guy seems very sketch


None of the 3 “versions” contradict the other versions.

I reported the FSO to multiple federal agencies on multiple occasions. The government revealed my identity to the FSO on multiple occasions, and the FSO retaliated on multiple occasions. I explained my situation to the local DCSA station chief, and he advised me to file a whistle blower reprisal complaint. The three individuals who were the subject of my reprisal complaint retaliated by charging me with falsifying a time card.

I can prove with email, witnesses, security logs, door swipes, and other evidence that I was at work and did not falsify my time card. My FSO and Security Manager lied to the government to justify terminating me. None of that matters if I never get the opportunity to present the evidence to the government, and establish the truth. That is why I am in this forum. Hopefully someone will help me find a path to justice.

916 days here since e-QIP

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That’s mind blowing… I sincerely hope you will hear some positive news any day now.

I contacted my senator’s office twice during my clearance. One time they were helpful, and the other time they tried, but were unable to do anything. First, you need to know what agency the clearance is for. If your job is for a contractor and you don’t know the identity of the government agency, contacting your senator will do nothing.

Basically what the senator does is just makes an inquiry on the status of your clearance. The government then has 30 days to respond. If you think there’s some sort of error in processing your clearance, the inquiry may catch it. But if all you’re asking is for your clearance to be sped up, then it’s possible the senator may not help at all. The government may just tell them “sorry, there’s an extreme backlog, we’ll get to them when we get to them.”

Your FSO may not even find out about your communication, the senator would not contact them directly. But your FSO may find out from someone else. Maybe they’ll get irritated or annoyed or secretly make fun of you. But who cares lol. You’re definitely not going to get in trouble for this.

I did contact my senator and the agency completely ignored my senator’s inquiry.

Are you VA? I’ve not been able to get a hold of anyone at the APC

@ArseneWenger what is your time line if you don’t mind?

SF86 12/17 (~970 days ago)
BI complete sometime in 2018
SF86-c 2/20
contacted Senator 6/20

I last heard from APC in early december. I’ve not received a skinny envelope, but the process and lack of communication is disheartening

is this initial Bi ?

I don’t think there is a DM function here. And anyways, I’m a first time applicant. I don’t have any insight or know anything beyond what I’ve read

The lack of communication can definitely be disheartening. I submitted my SF-86 in between early and mid 2018. Got a chance take the polygraph in near mid 2019 and was told I didn’t pass but I schedule get scheduled to retake it within a couple weeks which hasn’t happened yet. I feel like all I can do is contact the recruiter and bother them with something I already know the answer to. That they haven’t heard anything. And since covid I don’t think I even get the occasional call anymore. I try not to keep track of my timeline too much to not fixate it and do other things.

I was told “covid-time” runs four times slower. So if you expect 60 days, yea, don’t. Making a fuss with a senator will have them pull your file out of where ever it is in line to see that is has gone through the stages correctly so far, and it probably has, then you get back in line, and probably not at our old spot. The best thing YOU can do to speed things up is to make sure the application was complete and honest.

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