Young entry level, no credit yet SF-86

I’m in the process starting a TS/SCI with poly clearance, I’m currently a senior in college and have no credit (meaning I have no established credit and haven’t been approved for a credit card) not sure whether that would effect my “trustworthiness”. Anyone have any advice?

No . . . none . . . not at all . . .


Can’t say for sure (nobody really can), but in general they are looking for derogatory information. Zero information is not derogatory. If you haven’t had any loans, then you can’t have failed to pay any loans. That’s a good thing. People do get TS right out of college. So, you probably are OK.

Can you be blackmailed, coerced, bribed or threatened if you have no credit? Nope. No credit means NO FINANCIAL ISSUES which is one of the 13 adjudicative guidelines. Look em up and rest easy, at least in the financial considerations part…


Financial considerations are the number one clearance killer. The idea is, if you can’t be responsible for your finances, than you may not be trustworthy with classified information, either. Not all debt is considered equally – medical debt, debt due to lay-offs and other explained debt can be mitigated. A problem with overspending is not as favorable, and puts you at risk for foreign espionage efforts and the chance for a quick pay off.