1099 Contractor

Has anyone made the transition from full-time investigator to 1099? I wanted to test new opportunities but not ready to give my creds up entirely. More specifically workload and pay.

1099s are the first to go when work dries up. We used to have three full-time 1099s in my AO - old school that were doing the 1099 gig for a decade or more. None of them have worked since 2019.


Depends on where you are and which creds you hold.

Backgdinv is totally correct that 1099 are the first to go when the DCSA work dries up. But if you are in an area that uni or excal is big in, you will always have work. The problem is that the contractors don’t want to pay enough to make doing a uni or excal case worth it.

Now if all you want to do is keep your creds current then yes 1099 may be the way to go.

If you want enough work to replace your full time wages. That may be challenging unless in a high work area and willing to do less desirable contracts.

I have never been a 1099 but have many friends who tried it. No one who stayed in the field long term after going 1099. Heard there is money to be made but the life work balance can be non existent.

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