1099 Investigator Pros

Would anyone that works as a 1099 Investigator provide some insight on the pros and cons?

I will be starting a new position soon and was considering becoming 1099 rather than leaving the industry entirely.

The Cons: stay away from the DCSA contract and the vendors Peraton, CACI, and Paragon.

Other con’s:


Very few to no reinvestigations exist any longer.

Work is becoming more and more automated.

Be prepared to sit on a telephone for 4-6 hours per day.

Have to work very hard just to earn $60-$70K per year with little to no vacation time.


-can work various contracts and have multiple credentials.

-Some freedom and autonomy exists to set your own schedule.

Pro’s are diminishing every year.

If you are retired federal service and have a pension, then this may work. If you don’t and are trying to make this a career, I’d recommend a different career. Work is too time consuming, heavy typing, and little to no reward or satisfaction for this work.

Good luck to you.

Pro: what other white collar job doesn’t require you to attend any meetings, or allow you to do just about anything without having to ask your supervisor for permission

So the four TESI’s aren’t considered meetings?

Those are a joy to attend and conduct aren’t they?

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:laughing:. They might be meetings but as a 1099, you aren’t required to attend. If you don’t want to attend the TESI, just don’t accept the work. Also, the TESi’s involving 18 year olds who got fired from McDonald’s or listed the foreign exchange student from an HRC are pretty enjoyable. Also the second TESI’s for issues developed after the initial interview are nice. The tesi’s involving 25 unlisted financial accounts and multiple other issues I could do without . . . .

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1099 is a perfect part-time job as a retiree. Unfortunately, not much work is available of late.