273 days waiting

I have completed the TS paperwork, done the interviews, and now it is in the hands of someone (OPM?) for adjudication. This is for a job I was offered in August 2020. Originally, they wanted to onboard me and then start my TS process. But they decided to do the TS first.

In the meantime, I have done some part-time jobs and other things, but the HR security person at the agency tells me to just wait and be patient.

I know some say this is usual, but how can I find out where everything stands today? I mean there are apps out there to track your tax refund status, but nothing to track one’s clearance status.

The best and possibly only person who might have some information would be your FSO or security officer, whoever started the paperwork process with you in the beginning. Even they are unlikely to know specific details but can see what general stage its in.

It might seem counterintuitive but no news is good news in a situation like this.

The two dates you should really be basing your timeline on are these:
#1 - the date the investigator turned the completed & reviewed BI to the gov’t
#2 - the date you were assigned to an adjudicator, not necessary in active adjudication but you’re sitting in a pile with heaps of other folks.

Your FSO should be able to tell you #2 as well.

People who are being processed directly with the fed agency and not through a contractor, have anyone of you had an HR who actually tried to find out where you are in the process instead of a generic “you will get a call when it’s time”? There is no FSO in this case, just an HR and they claim not to know anything.

I’ve had no luck on that front. Total black box