5 year Investigation

I just completed my 5 year and some things came up on my credit report. Much of it has been disputed but I couldn’t remember a certain account and whether or not I had paid it. I’m a public trust employee for the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). I wanted to know what does OPM do with this info? Do they make recommendations in regards to employment or is that left to the BOP. Not really worried about it but I always wondered what was done with the information. Thanks.

Once you have a clear understanding of your credit situation, you should insure that you have mitigated any negative/derogatory items in your report. If you have a dispute open, make sure you have documentation from the creditor and/or credit bureau showing this.

If you have other negative items that you are responsible for, make sure you have a record of any payment or settlement plans with the creditor.

With all that info in hand, you will be prepared when/if you are asked about this.

What about disputing items on your report or failing to pay debts that you feel are in error. How does this affect employment with a public trust position?


Thanks for the response. I have a colleague that is worried about losing his job over an unpaid debt. His 2nd 5 year investigation is coming up and he’s worried about his job. He’s a public trust employee also.

If you are actively disputing the debt, it’s a mitigating factor. You have to show that you have reasonable cause to the dispute and if you lose you need to get into payments right away.