Academic Probation

I was just placed on academic probation while attending a masters degree program in a field unrelated to what I applied for. I received two C+ grades. Will this impact my suitability?

Suitability for what? Performance and academic qualifications have nothing to do with suitability. If you cannot meet the job requirements academically then you may be removed.

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I already have a bachelors in the field that’s qualifies me for the job with no academic issues. I went into another field for my masters. Just wanted to know if academic probation would fall under personal conduct guideline? I’m being considered for a tier 5 background. Thanks.

I had the same issue and I was cleared for a TS/SCI. As long as it was just performance issues and not for an ethics violation, you’ll be fine.

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Mine was for performance issues. Thanks everyone for the input.

In the future when in that situation I would work very closely with the professor and academic counselors. A little consideration can go a long way to hitting a B minus instead of a C plus. I taught in a graduate program on line. Naturally since student evals were critical to my success…I worked hard and championed for those students putting in the effort. Take care of the student, the student takes care of you was my motto. And I did same when I worked on all my degrees. Extra credit? I was there.


I was academically withdrawn during my undergrad years, never affected my clearance. It was performance not ethics based, and I did eventually graduate.

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