Access to military base by active OMG member

I work at military base at water treatment plant we are short handed and the contractor wants to hire a member of an OMG outlaw motorcycle gang.He does not have a criminal record but is a high level member in his gang.Will he be given access to the base?

I’m pretty sure you can’t be an active criminal/ gang member and also work for the military… Didn’t you go through a background check?

From the DOJ, “Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMGs) are organizations whose members use their motorcycle clubs as conduits for criminal enterprises.”

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A contractor has stated they want to hire a known OMG member that does not have a criminal record?

Answer choice: “D. BS to All of the Above.”

Pretty much what @M_B89 said.
Keyword here is “outlaw” as defined by the DOJ. I would highly doubt that the individual would be allowed on a base. My common sense gut is telling me no, but then again Military SF folks would be more able to answer this question.

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If he has no record, they aren’t going to know. Plus, you can be a convicted felon and still gain access. A felony does not negate veteran status for example.

Just because there is no conviction on record doesn’t mean it won’t raise red flags. It would be like someone saying “Can my friend who is part of the Mafia gain access to a military base for their work. Don’t worry, he hasn’t done anything illegal”

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Possibly but there would be absolutely noway to know that. No arrest, means no record for them to find.

You may want to review the SEAD 3 Self Reporting Requirements YOU MAY HAVE if you have a clearance… There are things that you are required to report (if you want to keep your clearance) about colleagues and this might be one of those things.

Thanks for the response,I guess if they don’t ask he doesn’t have to tell,I thought and seem to recall, they asked me of I had any gang affiliations,maybe not it’s been a long time.His sponsor likes to live in a world of plausible deniability but he knows,Seems sketchy to me maybe I’ll email the sponsor and let him know in writing.

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