Gas Meter Reader

Will i need a Security Clearance to go on Military Base to check Gas meters ? Can not find a clear answer to this on the net. Thanks for any help.

Assuming that you are working for a private gas supplier, I would say that you will not need a clearance. This would tie the hands of the gas company and make it more difficult for the customers on base to get accurate bills.

I also assume that you are reading meters on for on base housing. You should not need a clearance for that area. Otherwise those visiting military members and families living on base would need a clearance.

If you need to read meters in a secure area of the base, you will likely have an escort to monitor your work.

I could be wrong . . .


Ed nailed it. At our compound we have utility workers who are in our uncleared visitor access system. They show up, get assigned an escort and perform their duties. At some bases they issue CAC cards to know and vetted utility workers. Short answer: no. Not unless you access classified gas meters.

Thank you for your time.