Would a clearance show up on a background check?

I know this sounds like I’m asking a question in reverse - I’m curious if a clearance would show up on a background check.

In a nutshell, I left a position with a defense contractor about a month ago where I had a secret clearance for about 5 years. I realize the clearance is no longer valid, of course, but I applied for a Red Cross volunteer position and they ran a background check. I passed immediately (no surprise) but it made me wonder if there’s any data that’s visible as to the fact that I’ve already been pretty thoroughly vetted. (Maybe it depends on type of background check?)

Thanks folks!

A Red Cross volunteer vetting would not have access to any federal background investigation or clearance information They run local police and courts checks based on where you live/have lived in the last three years.

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With Marko . . . The government doesn’t want the general public to know that you have/had a clearance because it makes you a target.