Contractors Access Card = Security Clearance?

Good evening,
I live in South Africa and worked in Afghanistan for RAM Automotive Group, a subsidiary for PAE.
I had a Contractors Access Card that granted me access to all sites and bases in Afghanistan. Am I correct to assume that I thus had a valid US Security clearance?
If I indeed do have a valid security clearance, how can I apply for positions posted on security Clearance Jobs?
Anton Schreuder

You did not state your nationality, but if you are a non-U.S. citizen you cannot be granted a clearance by the U.S. Government. More than likely you underwent a background screening or investigation to determine if you were eligible for access to U.S. facilities, which is not a clearance.

Hallo Marko,
I am South African and yes I was vetted by the US Military and worked as a contractor for PAE.
My CAC Card clearance gave me access to all areas in the US Military in Afghanistan