"Secret" Clearance for permanent residents (Green Card holders)

I am a US permanent resident (green card holder) and I would like to apply for USAID personal services contracts that require a “Secret” security clearance. Can I obtain such clearance to work for USAID in DC or in overseas missions?

Generally you have to be a US citizen to get a security clearance… is there any info on the USAID or State Dept web site?

I was curious so I looked at the usaid.gov web site… no info about security clearances, but not all jobs are restricted to US citizens.

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Sounds like they may be using the Secret BI as a vetting tool when few actually have a real need to see or touch classified. DoD often works the same way. Perhaps they are simply saying you must be able to meet the basic guidelines a Secret BI would follow? Can you clarify if the position requires access to classified material? If it does not perhaps they can vet your background in a different manner? Technically one requires access via a job position. So the position requiring use of classified material is the driver for the person getting a BI, and being deem eligible for access.Many times work locations and agencies get that fundamentally backwards. At times you will see people state “nobody possesses a clearance, they possess eligibility.” It can seem like splitting hairs but it is at the core of the entire program. If USAID does not have access to classified nor require you as an employee to see or use it…they should not submit you for a clearance.