Do you have the ability to obtain a U.S. Security Clearance for which the U.S. Government requires U.S. Citizenship?

Can someone please elaborate on exactly what is meant here by “ability to obtain?”

Are you a U.S. citizen and are there any automatic disqualifiers that would prevent you from being eligible to undergo the security clearance process?

One can be native born, naturalized, foreign born but from military or diplomat parents. So technically, if you want the clearance and are willing to obtain citizenship…admittedly a long and even longer process…

Not that I’m aware of. What are the automatic disqualifiers?

Multiple recent felonies, heavy recent recreational drug use, strong foreign ties, earning income, loyalty to foreign governments, etc. Horrid financials…

Thank You AB! Now it’s trying to get a company to sponsor and hire me first. I cannot believe I actually used to be responsible and work with certain assets and now I cannot even get an interview.

You could always join the military. Once you join the military you become a citizen. Once you become a citizen you can get your secret clearance or higher.


Is that true? You can get citizenship if you join the military? Then they give you a clearance?

Yes, you first join. Next you get sworn in as basic. You are then given a
clearance. Almost all military gets a secret clearance.

I am former military.

Careful there. That is not necessarily true.

First, not everyone in the military gets a clearance. Most don’t get a secret clearance. It depends on your MOS/specialty/rating and you probably won’t get one of those jobs if you aren’t already an American citizen.

Second, it isn’t that easy to join the military and the days of joining and getting an accelerated path to citizenship are either gone or quickly closing. To wit:

U.S. Army kills contracts for hundreds of immigrant recruits. Some face deportation.

The Washington Post– September 15, 2017

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Some of my friends in my battery at basic were given their citizenship and later were able to gain their secret clearance.

Even if you are an illegal?

Yeah, I don’t think the government will ever allow you to have a clearance if you are illegal. Part of the process the SF86 ask is your honesty. If you came here under DACA you may have a chance. I wish you luck.

Hahaha. 9.5 years honorable discharge USAF here. I’ve tried getting on at Boeing for the past 10 years. Guess I lean to far to the right for them. It seems next to impossible to get hired then sponsored for another background & SF86/polygraph.

I would try and get onto Orbital ATK. Recently they were bought out. For now they need good quality people.

Thanks Krazyk784! If at first you don’t succeed…try, try again.

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