Possibility to obtain a security clearance as a naturalized citizen through military

Hello everyone,

I immigrated the United States from Hong Kong in November 2017 as a green card holder through the diversity visa lottery. Previously, I have obtained a Master Degree in the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in International Relations. Currently, I am currently working as an Interpreter.

I always hoped to work on something related to intelligence analysis and political risk based on my previous background and linguistic ability. However, I realised that most jobs (either military or federal agencies/contractors) may require an active security clearance in which U.S citizenship would be a prerequisite.

Therefore I am exploring the option to enlist myself in the US Navy / Air Force with a wish to expedite my citizenship and obtain my security clearance.

I talked to one of the Navy recruiters last week and I was told I could get naturalized and obtain the security clearance after training. While the USAF recruiter told me that I could get a citizenship first, then I could promote as an officer and obtain the security clearance by applying specific Intel jobs.

While I have done quite a lot of research and it seemingly expediting the naturalization may not be a problem through military, I am not sure if my foreign contacts would raise concerns for me to obtain security clearance, given that both of my parents are still residing in Hong Kong and most of my mother-side relatives became Canadian citizens in the early 1990s. And I do some friends in Hong Kong because I was born and raised there.

I am ready to give up the Hong Kong Chinese citizenship once I naturalized as a US citizen.

Another side question is that: If I decided to join the USAF/Navy as a reservist, can I get naturalized and obtain security clearance in the same way as in active duty?

Thank you very much and any answers will be much appreciated!

I immigrated to the US in November 2018. Not 2017 sorry for typo!