Interim Security Clearance for Naturalized US Citizen

Hi All,

I need an Interim Security Clearance to start my work, but, base on my research, I cannot find any case that Naturalized US Citizen like me has the approval of Interim Security Clearance due to foreign influence and contacts. All my friends did not get Interim Security Clearance. I know that full security clearance would be granted for Naturalized US Citizen after around one year now.

Is there anybody who knows the approval case of Interim Security Clearance for Naturalized US Citizen?


Being a naturalized citizen has nothing to do with whether you get an interim or not. It all has to do with current foreign national contacts and influence. If all of your immediate family are U.S. citizens and there is minimal contact with foreign nationals then there would be no reason not to grant an interim.

Thank you so much. This is very helpful.

So, I think that it would not be easy to get an interim security clearance, since many of naturalized US citizen usually have an immediate family in US outside, which makes the concerns of foreign influence and contacts. .