TS clearance for naturalized

Hi. I am a naturalized man from France. My profile is perfect to get a TS clearance except that for 30 days I went to the French police. I was in the equivalent of the royal guards in the UK. My job was just to show my fancy uniform and to also protect buildings.
It was 15 years ago before I considered living in the USA. I went also to the USMC. Could I get a TS clearance ?

Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on many factors. One thing for sure, it may take longer for the investigation to complete than for someone who was not foreign born and who does not have extensive foreign contacts.

I think they determine if you don’t lose your mind waiting for the clearance, you must be good… such anxiety!!!

Well . . . What happened that your service with the French police only lasted 30 days? Was this a national police force, similar to being in the military? Was it done to satisfy some sort of mandatory service? The “whys” are going to be every bit as important as the “whats” . . .

Almost all of the naturalized US citizen had been denied interim clearance.

It was the national police force. It went to do a kind of externship in the reserve thats why i went for just 30 days. I was in the honor guards.

This is not accurate information. Each applicant’s access decision is based on it’s own merits whether to grant interim or not until the investigation closes and a final determination is made. Naturalization is not a disqualifying factor.