Accidental Marijuana Inhalation

I recently puffed on an electronic cigarette one time at a party thinking it was nicotine. Later on someone told me that there might have been THC inside. I did not feel anything afterward or notice any changes to my body.
I am filling out my SF-86 and have never used any kind of drugs before. Although this is a one time usage, it happened recently which could be a factor in obtaining a security clearance. Does this count as drug use which could affect my chances in obtaining a clearance or should I just leave it off due to the uncertainty surrounding the situation?

Does the position require a polygraph?

I have found with working with an investigator if you are 100% honest on your SF86 and bring up the event, they seem to be understanding. Granted you need to be careful what is inside of your vap at all times.

The wonders of technology.

Disclose it, with your explanation. The adjudicators are far more interested in your honesty than they are in the risk of having you go schizoid from some accidental inhalation.

Where DOES your problem lay? You have been hanging with people who are putting THC in their vapes . . . Expect to get asked about that.

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I agree with Ed here. Disclosing it will look better in the long wrong. “Accidental Inhalation” from an outsiders point of view sounds like a really weak excuse. I wouldn’t believe that for a second.

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Maybe you could get Bill Clinton to sponsor you? lol

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I know of a man from AR who had a similar problem. He was nonetheless able to become POTUS, the ultimate in a security clearance.