Active TS While On Foreign Service Register

If someone is on the Foreign Service register, meaning they have been favorably adjudicated for a Top Secret clearance, can that be used reciprocally by another agency before the person joins the FS or times off the register? That is, even if an FS candidate does not have an active TS, would they be eligible to apply for a job requiring a TS and cite their favorable adjudication from the State Dept, even if the clearance itself is not active?

I think (and that is a bit of a red flag) if you could do this, it would only be within State Dept, maybe to include USAID. State is notorious for not doing reciprocity well. Plus I think they do their own investigations, so it would not be simple for some other agency to pick up the investigation and do their own adjudication.

Doesn’t mean you can’t try! See if you can find out the date it was adjudicated and you can put down something like “Eligible for access to TS based on a favorably adjudicated investigation from State Dept xx/xx/2022” or whatever. Some contractors might know how to work with that; others might drop it like a hot rock.