Additional Comments on SF-86

This question is for previous or current investigators.

For undesirable information listed on the SF86, is there a benefit to listing additional comments? In my case I have a Reckless Driving conviction (plead down from DUI) along with court ordered alcohol class and evaluation. I’ve listed all requested data in both sections but wondering if I should include how serious I’ve taken this and things I have done to mitigate this issue? Or is that more of a discussion to be had during my ESI? This will be my first PR since the incident occurred 5 years ago.

Thanks in advance.

Actually the question is for adjudicators who are reviewing the completed background investigation and looking for patterns, areas of concern, and whether the applicant was honest and forthright in disclosing information. It does not hurt to list additional information as long as it is consistent with record checks and your interview.

Thanks for the clarification.