Adjudication Anniversary!

DSS has had my case for a year now. I decided in November that it was time to seriously consider alternatives to working at State. Applied for the job in April 2019. I’m actively interviewing for private sector jobs and if offered something good I’m going to bail on State. Even if they come back to me months down the road I doubt I’ll make a move. It looks like State has been wrecked over the past few years and this process seems to confirm that it’s not a healthy place. It’s pretty sad.

Do you mean that the investigation was completed about a year ago and has been with the adjudicators ever since? Have you received any requests for follow-up info?

Every place got hammered but most other places seem to be digging out from under the backlog. Hope you find something quickly and can get on with your life!

Exactly. Background investigation was handed off one year ago. I can’t wait indefinitely. DSS should be embarrassed.

Maybe you’re just not a high priority for them.