Adjudicator Jobs

Which contractors hire adjudicators with an active TS clearance and little to no experience in the personnel security field? I am interested in becoming an adjudicator.

Adjudication in inherently a government function and such is not contracted out. There are contractors that help review and summarize cases, All background investigation service providers have case reviewers.


What about entry level personnel security specialists? I see those everywhere but they all require experience.

They may want experience but many of these entry-level positions do not pay a whole lot, so they may not always get the applicants they dreaming about. Apply and see what happens.

@sbusquirrel is correct in that personnel security jobs do not pay very much. These jobs are designed for getting your foot in the door under the broad umbrella of national security work if you have no background in the field, and as such, there is often high turnover due to low pay. I work as a personnel security assistant (PSA). The work is administrative and pretty routine for the most part. It is the role to start in if you want to go the adjudicator route.

Do adjudicators ever work remotely? I have been a CI for 10.5 years and am thinking I would love to be an adjudicator but I live in Cocoa Beach and LOVE working from home.

Depends on the agency. And only occasionally. Adjudications is a critical role and comes with heavy responsibilities.

Typically adjudicators work in a centralized location for an agency, however with technology improvements and the ability to log into to secure databases through VPN from anywhere some agencies like DHS are changing towards the work from anywhere model.

With no exp, it’s highly unlikely that you will go into adjudications. You can probably start as a PSA(personnel security assistant) and go from there. I came in as a Personnel Security Specialist with A BI background(almost 5 years) while a co worker came in with 1 and she is an assistant.

Depends, an adjudicator at my agency teleworks 2 day’s a week(I think).

I would agree but the few times I’ve seen vacancy announcements for adjudicators, the “required experience” does not read that way!