Adjudicator reaching out

Hi all, I am fairly new to this, I’m hoping to get some insight. I’m currently in the adjudication phase since Jan 2022. The adjudicator assigned to my case reached out to me via email asking if he could send correspondence via email and IF I responded, to respond via email as well. However, he did state he was going to send this correspondence later next week. The question is— is this a good or bad sign? Im just nervous. I don’t have anything that could potentially disqualify me, im just nervous at the fact that he’s reaching out. The only thing I can think of that he may want an explanation for are some past employment dates on my SF86 form that I messed up, which I clarified with the initial investigator when he interviewed me. Thought I would be done with the process by now. Any thoughts?

Thank you all in advance.

I certainly hope it was NOT an adjudicator - anyone in that role should never be communicating directly with Subjects - the SMO and for some things FSO is the point of contact.

Maybe you are referring to your assigned background investigator?

I can confirm he indeed is the adjudicator, he stated that in the email he sent me.

I’ve heard of adjudicators reaching out to subject’s for additional information. The occasions I heard about involved the adjudicator sending mail to the subject, so I’m assuming your adjudicator may have been seeking your permission to conduct the business via email. They will most likely ask you for additional information/details.

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It doesn’t seem like a good idea to correspond with an adjudicator via email. Especially if it’s an open yahoo, gmail, aol email etc. Those emails don’t belong to you and all sorts of people, countries, and companies mine through them and emails with adjudicators indicate you have a security clearance.


OPM dropped that ball a long time ago.

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Adjudicators do contact subjects via e-mail. It doesn’t happen often, but it does.

I don’t think the adjudicator is asking to clear up employment date discrepancies. The investigator should have cleared that up earlier in the process and during the PSI.

Also, OPM isn’t in the PERSEC business anymore.

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Any update on what happened after you contacted the adjudicator? Thanks in advance!