Am I being paranoid or will this be an issue?

I have a secret clearance. A few years ago, I graduated college. Now this is gonna sound weird but here goes: I am pretty sure, but not positive, that I may have been given a parking ticket by parking services (not law enforcement) and forgotten to pay it. I say pretty sure because I just randomly thought about this the other day, and I honestly can’t remember if this is real or if I just dreamt it. Call me crazy, you won’t offend me.

Since the world of clearances can get paranoid at times, if this unpaid parking ticket does exist will it be an issue? I have no way of knowing whether it exists or not. It would’ve been issued by the parking nazis, rather than campus police, so it’s not a legal citation. If I remember correctly these tickets were around 50 bucks. Additionally, I don’t think the nonpayment resulted in a warrant out for me since I’ve done background checks for jobs and apartments and nothing came back.

Also, I figured it might result in a hold on getting a transcript in the future, so I went and got a transcript in person and there was no mention of it. Is this an issue I should confront? Or is this the most paranoid post ever on this website? Thanks.

All they can do is hold your transcripts… I wouldn’t worry about it.

Yeah my school forgot that I owed around 500 from my senior year alone. Got my degree and never paid. They are the most unreasonable parking violations. It never went into collections either.

Paranoid is good in this world . . .

I seriously doubt that there will be a problem. If the school doesn’t seem to have a record and the municipal court wouldn’t have one it’s not likely that it would ever show up. This is besides the fact that it wasn’t even a moving violation.

However, you CAN short circuit it by finding out who the authority was, tracking down the information on your own and offering to settle the ticket.

Just for info . . . During my investigation the investigator discovered that there were FOUR warrants out for my arrest one going back six years. These were municipal bench warrants that were the result of housing violations for a rental property. When I investigated with the court, I learned that the citations were mailed to the rental property not to my registered home address. All of the citations were for things like “failure to clear snow” which were the tenants responsibility. Since I never received the citations, the court dropped all of the charges.

I still do not have my clearance, however the SOR that I received six months after the investigation did not mention these at all.

Wow four warrants. And for such little things that are not in your realm of responsibility (directly that is).

According to the township, the owner is responsible for everything. Snow removal, trash pickup, grass cutting . . .The lease passes that to the tenant. The township issues citations which required a court appearance or that the fine be paid. Since I didn’t know about the court date or the fine, I did neither. The judge then issues a bench warrant.

They don’t come looking for you on those warrants, usually, and they didn’t in my case. So, I never knew what was going on.

I only explain this to get across the point that you never know what they might find. I had passed one or two criminal checks since the first warrant without any problem at all. It is, partly, a matter of which databases they check and what they are actually looking for.

Correct me if I am wrong… Jersey? Lol

Yep, yep, yep, yep . . .

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question…was this secret or top secret?