Paranoia about accidentally forgetting something

Maybe I’m just over thinking things, but does anyone else get anxious about possibly having forgotten something? Like I didn’t exactly record the dates and times of every time I used pot in college. I tried to list the dates for stuff like that to the best of my recollection but surely people genuinely forget stuff and contacts won’t all remember the exact same events and dates for this stuff.

I’ve been as candid as possible, I guess I’m just tired and worrying about how stuff can go wrong, which is a bad habit.

Isn’t paranoia associated with marijuana use . . .

Just kidding . . . Yes, we all suffer memory lapses and many of us have a history of poor date retention. Do your research and provide the best information that you can. What they are looking for is when it looks like you are hiding something.

When I met with my BI, she informed me of a warrant and arrest from only two years. I explained that I didn’t think that I had been arrested (not a denial, I didn’t think I was being arrested at the time of the incident.) I have her a full disclosure of how the incident came about (It was over a housing code violation at a rental property that I owned) and I was completely open with all of the information. The next day, while she was verifying the info that I gave her, she discovered four MORE warrants that were outstanding. I was at the courthouse that afternoon to clear those up. They were the result of the same failure of the same township clerk to properly notify of issues at the property.

Six months later, I did receive an SOR but none of this was mentioned and six months after that, I received my clearance.

So . . . Yes . . . You CAN forget somethings . . .

Like Ed said, don’t fret. You will have a chance to explain yourself if anything should come up that you missed. If there is a pattern of withholding important information then you may have a problem.

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Okay great, I can handle that. I’m definitely not trying to hide anything, I just have a terrible memory for stuff like dates.

There is a difference between forgetting dates and forgetting to report the behavior.

The investigator will confront you if you have the wrong dates - to clarify if there was another incident if nothing else.