Am I disqualified for SF85B?

Okay, so here’s the deal, I have been a firefighter/EMT-A with a successful career for the past 10 years. The last 4 years of my career have been contracting overseas. I was recently offered a new contract for the same location and department I’ve work for the past 4 contracts, but this time, I have been promoted into the officer ranks. This is huge for me and my career. However, the company is now requiring SF85B to be cleared for work.
I have a few concerns.
When i was 18 I joined the Marines right after high-school. I was immature and dealing with the death of my father and got in trouble for underage drinking and failing a UA. I was released with an Under Other Than Honorable discharge. I was only in for 8 months and never left training or went to a unit. My question is would this be a disqualifer or simply a “Red flag?”
I mentioned ive had a successful career for the past 10 years as a Firefighter & Advanced EMT…However, upon completion of a contract in 2020 i was flying back to the United States to be with my mother who was sick with cancer. She passed a few minutes before my flight touched down. I was devastated. 2 months later covid hit heavy and we went into isolation. During this time (Not employed or under contract) i consumed cannabis products to help with boredom and my grieving process. I was stopped by law enforcement and given a DUI & had a small amount of weed and 2 anxiety pills on me that were not my prescription. I had just been given them about 20 min before I was stopped and had not consumed one. After relaying this information my attorney was able to get all charges dropped and i was never convicted. After this i had the arrest record expunged. I know i should definitely disclose this information on my SF85 correct?
Again, will this be a disqualification or simply a red flag with questions to follow?
I hold a lot of pride in my career and i am hoping this is not going to be an issue. I know i can find work that doesn’t require a clearance but this position is important to me.
Thank you for taking time to read this and i appreciate your advice and instruction.

Be sure you report all of this, as applicable, on your security form. Odds are you will discuss this with an investigator where they will obtain additional details surrounding the incident(s). This will be your “time to shine” and provide additional mitigating details surrounding these incidents There is no telling what will disqualify you, as it is up to adjudicators.

Also, be sure to report your military service, as applicable.

Best of luck,


Thank you. Because of my short time in the service and the fact that i never actually “served.” I always check no to being a veteran or having prior military service. As long as i disclose it on the SF85 that should be fine right? Im sure they will understand my reason for not claiming service.

Yes, you need to report it as military service.

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