Am I screwed? I messed up a while back

I’ll start from the beginning. I joined the Army when I was 17 and wanted to do intel from day one and go to ranger regiment like my brother. My recruiter ■■■■■■ me and I got stuck with infantry. Still went to RASP. Failed out of that and to top it all off on top of being a failure to the family and not getting the job I want, I get sent to the last unit I wanted to go to and I ■■■■■■■ despise it here. Shortly afterwards I go on leave and young dumb and depressed me decided to try acid upon hearing that it’ll help you find your purpose in life. I kept doing it periodically for a few months afterwards maybe like 12 time before I was like “what the ■■■■ am I doing this could get me into so much trouble and there’s no way I’ll get a security clearance now if I tell them what I did. What do? I stopped about a year ago and I’ve got some time before I reclass. I’m gonna tell them everything. Will I still get cleared? Can I get a lawyer and have it appealed if it gets denied?

First off, at sometime in our lives we hit many obstacles but, we overcome those obstacles. You definitely need to open and truthful about it and more importantly, about every incident (minor or major). It is going to take alot of patience in regards to process, you may wait a month or 12 months to actually receive a decision about your status. Regardless if you are granted or not, keep pushing on with life!

You did acid 10-12 times, while in the military? Here’s the catch. You list it and the dates, you security manager is required to contact your JAG if you list dates you did acid after you joined the military. Rather or not you get a clearance is irrelevant. You violated your oath of enlistment and will be booted from the military.

It’s your call BUT I was a Security Manager or Info Protection Chief and had to see a number of guys discharged for simply being honest for their security clearance.

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Would it make a difference if I got out and just went to college and applied for the CIA?

Well, the military would not be an issue then would it. His clearance isn’t the issue here. If he tells the truth on his SF86 that he certified as accurate and then swears on oath to the Investigator who interviews him, the military is going to hang him for violating his oath of enlistment by doing illegal drugs while serving in the military and possessing a national security clearance.

It’s worth noting that there were mental health issues at play here and I am seeing a psychologist for them. I’ve been pretty severely depressed for a long time and that’s what initially caused me to turn to drugs. I was too scared to ask for help and basically attempted to self medicate with psychedelics after reading article after article on their beneficial qualities and refused to come forward for a long time about the issues because of the massive stigma attached to it. There’s more to it but I’m seeing a psychologist for the same issues that caused me to turn to drug use because my mental health is more important than career. Turning to drugs was extremely out of character for me and I have no intention of doing it in the future. And I’d like to go to school. I have no criminal record, excellent credit and good behavior through and through. I’d like to learn a Russian and will work hard for a 4.0 GPA. I know the whole person concept it a big factor and I’d like to do everything in my power to have this issue favorably adjudicated.

My advice is to either decide to get out of the military or choose a career path in the military that doesn’t require a clearance. That really is the first decision to be made, in my opinion. If you do not see yourself in the military in a career that does not require a clearance, I recommend you do your time and get out without re-enlisting and without applying for a clearance. This will allow an honorable discharge without a blemish on your record. Then get a college education. After earning your degree, apply for a clearance. The whole person concept, and the passage of time that will have occurred while finishing your enlistment and earning a degree, without using drugs, prior to applying for the clearance, will go a long way towards helping you with a favorable decision.

What if I reenlist into the NG without applying for a clearance and go to college then apply for the cia when I get discharged.