ANOTHER interview

I just got hit up for another interview…told it would last 2 hours. What does that mean?? I’d imagine a lot of things. Also, do the investigators have access to our JPAS records? I’m guessing they do so it speeds up the process.

It could mean that two hours is the smallest time slot that the investigator works with when filling out their schedule. Hopefully it will not take that long.

This could be in response to a request for more info from the adjudicator, in which case you may be close to a final decision. Or it could be in response to a request from the investigator’s supervisor. I guess it could also be in response to some information uncovered that they want clarification on.

In other words, it could be just about anything. But it is not unusual.

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sbusquirrel is correct. I judge, using my experiences, the approximate amount of time I will need to complete the interview, then round up and add an hour. It is always easier on everyone if you are finished sooner than running later.

Investigators normally don’t have access to JPAS.

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Is your follow up interview with the investigator or clearance division of client applied for? If it is with the client, you may need discuss something uncovered, unclear, or it can be as small as signing an acknowledgement letter covering past misdeed you may have spoken too.

It is with an investigator/agent. This is a PR as I have had this job a while.

Not unusual. They may have uncovered info or need to clarify a point lost in their notes. I had a follow up on mine where I needed prove I was prescribed medication after my divorce. It was tough as the counseling center had long since closed. By sheer luck I found where they forwarded files too and was able to pull up my visits and prescription…and that lined up with what I claimed. Did I really want to go there? No. I view the clearance process as a combination of the annual Pap Smear exam combined with a prostate exam. You feel incredibly vulnerable and revealing to all who attend. But getting a clean bill of health is great news!

Another 2 hours? I thought I put everything down. Does this mean that the investigation never went to the adjudicators? I just saw my JPAS and the investigation is still open. If it goes to adjudication and comes back for further investigation, does it “flip” in JPAS?

If there are a few unresolved questions seen at a higher level, yes you need sit and explain. The investigator may not have gathered enough info or somehow lost the bubble on their notes and didn’t remember. It could be a 15 minute sit down or it may take longer if the discussion reveals other things. I have a prospective employee headed in for a follow up interview next week. It really is routine.

Copy amberbunny. Hopefully all goes well!

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It looks like it almost started all over again. Not completely from scratch but wow…different BI from the first time. No clue how long this is going to take.

Could be innocuous on your part as well. Perhaps the first investigator moved on? The folks doing the interviews post Poly are a different level of review than the BI person gathering your past and reviewing the SF86. You should get a very clear idea what it is they need clarified in the interview.